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Middle School Math Placement

Saratoga Union School District strives to provide the best possible educational experience for our students. Appropriate math placement is one of the most critical determinations in this process. Academic readiness is fundamental to our course placement philosophy. We desire all of our students to be challenged in their math class, experience a suitable instructional pace, build a strong math foundation so they will be successful as they learn advanced topics beyond middle school, and enjoy mathematics to the greatest extent possible.

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2023-2024 Resources

Questions to Consider in Determining Readiness To Accelerate (English, 中文版)

Should You Skip a Year of Math? (article)

2023-2024 FAQs - Math Placement Frequently Asked Questions (English, 中文版)

2023-2024 Math Pathways (Chinese, 中文版)


Parent Meeting: Redwood Math Overview

Learn about Redwood's math program for next school year (2023-24) including math course pathways, math placement process and more!  Presenters include administrators and math teachers from our elementary schools, Redwood Middle School, and Saratoga High School.
(Meeting was held on Feb 28, 2023)

Meeting Recording (50:11 min)
Meeting Slides

Math Pathways for the 2023-2024 school year

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