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Middle School Math 6-8

Math at Redwood Middle School

Saratoga Union School District provides a fully developed math program through eighth grade. Every student receives the appropriate math instruction utilizing our primary instructional materials as well as supplements the teachers find necessary. Our math program contains a balance of problem solving, conceptual understanding and basic skills. Students are given opportunities to learn using a variety of strategies and tools.

Math Course Placement for Grades 6-8

Visit the Math Placement page to learn about math courses and placement for Redwood Middle School.

Middle School Math Courses

View the Course Guides on the Redwood website at Redwood Math

Middle School Math Instructional Materials

Redwood Math Instructional Materials - Big Ideas Math

The Big Ideas Math® program follows a balanced instructional approach. The program balances conceptual understanding with procedural fluency, as research shows that students benefit from equal exposure to discovery learning and scaffolded instruction.

Each section in the program begins with a discovery Activity or Exploration that encourages conceptual understanding. These provide students with the opportunity to explore, question, explain, and persevere as they seek to answer Essential Questions that encourage abstract thought.

Each Activity or Exploration is then followed by a scaffolded Lesson. These lessons give students the opportunity to develop procedural fluency and to use clear, precise mathematical language. These lessons also give teachers opportunities to use class discussion, flexible grouping, and other delivery methods in their classrooms.

Contact Information

For questions or additional information about the math curriculum at Redwood Middle School, please contact your student's Redwood Guidance Counselor or Educational Services: