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Our School

Saratoga ES

Saratoga Elementary School has served the community of Saratoga, California for 151 years.  One tradition that the school has proudly maintained is producing achieving students who have gone on to be successful, contributing adults.  Presently, sixteen self-contained K-5 classrooms and one County Day Classes.

The staff and parents work together to implement the school's vision because we see ourselves preparing leaders for the future.  Our students are bright, inquisitive and creative, and because the school team believes that there are many ways that children can be gifted, they are all considered gifted learners.  The staff considers it a privilege to be able to affect and influence their lives in such a pivotal role.  Parents are supportive and committed to working with the school and are generous with their time, expertise and resources.

Saratoga School was recognized as one of the California's Distinguished schools in 1987 and again in 1993.  The Program Quality Review conducted in 1998-99 in Language Arts revealed that the school has an excellent literacy program that is supported by a school climate that promotes student success.  Continuous improvement is one of our core values, and the current year's goals keep us focused on excellence.