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Saratoga School eNews

The Saratoga School eNews is a weekly news digest emailed once per week.  It contains reminders about upcoming events at Saratoga School, school activities, and news from the Principal, PTA, SEF and District.  Families are strongly encouraged to subscribe so that they receive timely reminders from our school.

Currently Enrolled Families: Families will receive their eNews at the email address or addresses listed when you updated your student's information online during the summer.

New to District Families: Families will receive their eNews at the email address or addresses listed on your Registration form.  Bookmark the school homepage as well! Please note: SUSD does NOT share email addresses.  Email addresses will remain confidential. You have the option to unsubscribe from the eNews list at any time.

In event of a school-wide emergency, parents will receive notifications via automated voice, text and email messages to phone numbers listed when you registered or updated your student's information online.  Contact your school office at any time during the school year if you phone number has changed.

eNews FAQs

How do I receive eNews or join ParentSquare?

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Already enrolled families are automatically subscribed to receive eNews at the start of the school year using the email address(es) listed during registration (new families) or your annual online student update (returning families).

An invitation to activate your ParentSquare account will be sent about a week prior to the start of the new school year.

How do I leave the list (unsubscribe)?

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At the bottom of each eNews is an opt-out message. You may opt out at any time. However, if you opt out you will be missing important messages from your school and district, including school/district emergency notifications.

How do I change my email address for eNews and alerts?

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Please visit your school office to update your email address. Or during the summer months, email Please include your student's FULL name, birth date, grade, school, your name, and your relationship to the student in your email.

Staff will make the email address change in our student database PowerSchool. The change is then uploaded that night to ParentSquare where the change will take effect. Do NOT change your contact information directly in ParentSquare!

Can I post messages to the school email list?

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No. Only designated people can email to the school list. If you have information to send via eNews, please contact your school office.

If you wish to submit an advertisement for enrichment classes or community events via eNews, please follow the process listed on our district's Community Events webpage. Only community partners, public entities, and local non-profits may request flyer postings. All posting requests must be approved through the district office. Scroll to the bottom of  the Community Events page for requirements and instructions.

Do I have to re-subscribe again next year?

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No. As long as your email address has not changed and your child is still enrolled in SUSD, you will continue to receive eNews. During the summer, you are automatically moved to the next grade's eNews list, including 5th graders transitioning to Redwood Middle School.

Why haven't I been receiving eNews?

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There could be several reasons:

 • The eNews could be tagged as spam mail by your email system. Please check your spam/bulk box or check your email filter settings.

• Your email was entered incorrectly during your online returning student update or during registration. Please check with your school office if you are not receiving eNews.

• You unsubscribed at some point by clicking the link at the bottom of the eNews.

• You turned off notifications in ParentSquare. Check your ParentSquare account settings.

• You recently updated your email address at the office. It takes 24 hours for the change to take effect.

• Your student has been disenrolled. Only currently enrolled families receive eNews.

• If you are not receiving eNews, continue to check your school's homepage for updates until you begin receiving eNews again.

 I received an eNews about a recent school emergency but I did not receive a text. Why?

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In order to receive emergency texts, your textable phone number must be in your student's record and listed as your primary phone number. The phone number was entered at the time of registration or during your annual online student information update. Please contact your school office if you need to update or change your phone number or email address.